13 things strong independent woman never do to avoid nuisance

Let's see if you have any bad habits that keep yourself at a standstill.

In her latest book "13 things strong independent woman never do", Psychologist Amy Morin outlines the bad habits women are susceptible to that hinder their future.  Cultural stress, social expectations, and personality differences greatly affect the way we behave in our lives.  The earlier you change those bad habits, the better your quality of life will improve and the faster you move forward.

Here are 13 things strong independent woman never do:

1. The strong independent woman doesn't compare themselves to others

13 things strong independent woman never do to avoid nuisance

The strong independent woman doesn't compare themselves to others / ph: pexels

 Measuring whether the other woman has a happier, richer life than you is time consuming and meaningless.  That useless job will make you feel inferior, guilty and difficult to perfect yourself.  The only person you should compare is who you are today with yesterday's friends.

 2. The strong independent woman doesn't need everything to be perfect

 Being careful and meticulous is good, but being too perfectionist can sometimes make you go slower than other colleagues.  Know how to set goals that work for you, and accept that mistakes and failures are required lessons of growing up.

3. The strong independent woman admit their shortcomings

 The fact that I'm not good at one thing or not doing well at that is something smart women never try to hide.  They know that it is futile to try to prove themselves perfect and to be all-knowing.  Knowing how to look at your own weaknesses will help you overcome it to become better!

 4. The strong independent woman does not underestimate their own abilities

 Suspecting yourself and thinking that you cannot do anything you will never get what you want.  Please be confident and responsible with your choice, the results will definitely not disappoint those who have tried their best and tried their best.

 5. The strong independent woman does not blame the past

 Repeating past mistakes makes you more susceptible to depression than ever before.  You will not be able to do anything so you keep thinking about the past.  Get rid of those negative thoughts!  Focusing on your life now and the opportunities in the future is what you should do.

6. The strong independent woman is not afraid of difficult challenges

 Don't shy away, but bravely face the fear deep in your heart.  Challenging yourself with new things, learning new knowledge will make you unpredictable and always attractive in the eyes of others.

7. The strong independent woman is not afraid to break the rules

 The rigid standards that society sets for women are never something to bother them.  They know that just taking care of their life is enough, why let other people's prejudices affect their own mood?

 8. The strong independent woman doesn't put others down to lift themselves up

 If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, you must go with your teammates.  Want a sustainable career, learn to coordinate well with others and put work results first to help the team achieve success.

9. The strong independent woman doesn't let other people's judgments influence their moods

 Accept the fact that no one in this world is loved by all.  There will be people who like you and who no matter what you do cannot satisfy them.  You do not need to pay attention to the negative words of others and be upset by it, save your precious energy and time for the more important things in life.

 10. The strong independent woman does not torment themselves for past mistakes

 Think: I did the wrong thing, not the bad guy myself.  It is important then how you correct the mistake and learn from it to avoid repeating it in the future.

 11. The strong independent woman does not keep quiet about injustice

Faced with unreasonable things that affect their rights, these women will speak up frankly instead of warm in their hearts.  You will think about it forever if you cannot explain your views and feelings clearly to the other person.  Don't drain your positive energy just because of the unnecessary.

12. The strong independent woman is not afraid to change themselves

 Independent women never depend on anyone, but always know how to make their lives rich and interesting.  Never use family and children as an excuse for indulgence in self-care.  The hard work of renewing yourself is also an effective way to keep the fire in your marriage.

 13. The strong independent woman know how to value their achievements

Don't be negative when someone compliments your results, smile gently and thank them for that compliment.  Achievements based on hard work and hard work always deserve credit, right?  Please be confident and proud of what you can do.

 At the end of the day, don't forget to take some time to relax and rest to re-energize.  Bad habits are really hard to quit, but persistently eliminate them gradually to become a better version of yourself, for you, not for anyone!

13 things strong independent woman never do to avoid nuisance

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