12 things about a classy lady

If you know how to dress and behave, you will step up to a new height to show your class and personality.  Let's learn from smart women to turn you into a classy lady.

1.  A classy lady doesn't use "fake" goods

Accessories, clothes, bags also partly show the class of a person.  You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive designs.  But you should also define your position, job as well as where in society to choose suitable accessories and clothes.  In addition, expensive items will last much longer and are much more durable.

2. A classy lady always show up self-confident in comfortable manner

12 things about a classy lady

classy lady always show up self-confident in comfortable manner / ph: pexels

A modern and classy lady often have a comfortable manner, when sitting upright, talking clearly.  To attract the other person, a classy lady does not appear shy, closed or scared, because that only makes her lose points more in the eyes of the other person.

3.  A classy lady is not too picky or upset about something

 Most women often get irritated about the small things in life, like she has a better dress than her, or hears someone say bad things ... everything is "tore up".  However, for a smart and classy lady, she will understand that, instead of sitting there angry and irritated, they will only get older faster, they will cut down on unnecessary things, participate in meaningful things and making her life a lot happier.

4. A classy lady chooses the right lipstick color

It is not necessary to be bright red, dark or floating to show the elegance and nobility of a woman.  Depending on your skin color, circumstances and the event you participate in, a classy lady will choose the right lipstick color.  It's not that the darker the makeup, the more outstanding it is!

5. A classy lady's eating and drinking manner

When you eat and drink, at the very end, either you have to lift the cup, or you must tilt the cup, you should not do that because it will easily drop the food.  So, even if the dish is absolutely delicious, a classy lady will enjoy it until she can use the spoon without tilting the dishes to finish the last bite.

6. When offered something don't like, a classy lady will..

When invited to eat and drink, an elegant and classy lady will not bluntly refuse to make the other person feel awkward, a classy lady should click your lips and take a piece in response to the inviting person's sincerity.

7. How does a classy lady show emotions?

Although we know that emotions are irrepressible, many people also advise us to be true to ourselves.  However, be a classy lady, you should not over-laugh, especially because it is the least polite in some cases.  Please show your elegance and nobility by "walking lightly, speaking softly, smiling gracefully".

8. A classy lady's deportment

Women can gossip, tell other people stories all the day.  But for a true classy lady, she is not free to do such things, and most importantly, she doesnot want to share their personal interests such as hobbies, jobs, and feelings to others. 

9. How will a classy lady eat something she like when she is hungry?

As a woman, eating and drinking shows human nature, be a classy lady, you should not be hasty, chewy while walking, be gentle in the way of eating to show civilization, politeness even if it is a dish that you like and you are very hungry.

10. How will a classy lady show her emotions?

 It will be very impolite when you eat and blow up your food, if the dish is too hot, a classy lady will use a spoon to stir, mix to cool slowly.

11. A classy lady's dressing 

An elegant and classy lady will dress differently from ordinary women. A classy lady will often choose dark colors, black and polite skirts, seriously in combination with high heels.

12. If a classy lady has a quarrel 

 Every woman always had her own opinion, and the ordinary woman thought, 100% sure she was right about that.  However, for a smart and classy lady, she will never force her ideas to anyone, she just give it up, let others comment and then refine and absorb the most positive things to improve herself more and more.

As a classy lady, you need to be beautiful, not only in appearance, but also in the way of thinking and acting.  Know how to express yourself so confidently and leave a good impression on the others' minds.

12 things about a classy lady

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