10 kinds of food good for skin

At the present age, the selection of food each day is quite important. We tend to choose foods that are good for our health. Especially, skin-friendly foods are of primary concern. Here we mention top foods for skin beauty.

These days, to have beautiful and healthy skin, we not only must use many cosmetic but also have a proper diet. Thus, it is a good idea that we should eat foods of top foods for skin beauty including fermented foods, leafy greens, lemon, avocados, hemp seeds, beets, spearmint tea, turmeric, wild salmon, carrots.

#1 - Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods (also as fermented foods) is the result of a process in which food is exposed to good bacteria and yeast, which can be through culture or natural conditions in the air. Some good examples of fermented foods are kimchi, kombucha, miso, pickles, yogurt, etc. In fact, benefits of the fermented bacteria for us are many. One of them is to make our skin more beautiful.

#2 - Leafy Greens

The fact of the matter is that leafy greens provide vitamin A to our bodies. The advantage of vitamin A is to make the skin smooth and balance sebum production. Thus, we should eat at least one kind of leafy greens every day. There are many leafy greens that we should eat such as kale, spinach, radish, etc.

#3 - Lemon

It is true to say that lemon is a very familiar fruit to us. Thanks to drinking a cup of lemon juice every day, your skin will be more perfect. Lemons contain a lot of vitamin C that enhances the development of the skin and the formation of collagen anti-aging. Besides, orange is also a good fruit for healthier skin, like lemons.

#4 - Avocados

One other kind of fruits, avocados, is the food belonging to top food for beautiful skin. Research by scientists shows that avocados contain many carotenoids, minerals, phenolic, vitamins, and beneficial fatty acids. Thus, the advantages of avocados are many. The most typical is that eating avocados can help us slow down the aging process.

#5 - Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are one of the healthy and nutritious foods for the body that contain the ideal ratio of omega 3 fatty acids and unsaturated 6 acids. Owing to eating Hemp seeds every day, our skin's moisture is enhanced. Especially, hemp seeds can reduce the risk of heart disease. Thus, hemp seeds are one of the top foods for skin beauty.

#6 - Beets

The benefit of beets for our skin is that beets keep moisture to our skin. However, you should not eat beets too much because eating more beets can also cause digestive disorders, abdominal pain.

#7 - Spearmint tea

Spearmint tea also is one of the top foods for skin beauty. Spearmint tea has the ability to solve hormonal problems in the body, thereby reducing acne and cleansing the skin. Some people often add peppermint tea to bath water to soothe the skin, treat burns and rashes.

#8 - Turmeric

#9 - Wild Salmon

In fact, the top foods for skin beauty including not only vegetables but also fish meat. There is no denying that thanks to the amount of protein in salmon, our skin is maintained strong and supple.

#10 - Carrots

The same as leafy greens, carrots provide vitamin A to our bodies. Thus, carrots have many benefits such as anti-aging, scar and acne treatment, skin wound healing, caring for dry skin, etc.

These are 10 kinds of food of the top foods for skin beauty. Eat them every day and you will have perfect skin, do you want?

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