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The World’s Largest Aircraft
Recently, Stratolaunch Systems Corporation, an American space transportation venture developing a new air launch to orbit system, has unveiled the world’s “largest all-composite aircraft” named the Stratolaunch.
How to choose good Hair Straighteners
If you are not satisfied with the current natural hair style and would like to change, hair straightener (flat irons) may be your first choice to have different appearance.
Excessive vitamin supplementation can cause poisoning
In fact, many experts recommend that we do not need to add vitamins if our bodies are not deficient in vitamins. Vitamin supplements are not completely harmless as many people think.
Vegan Dim Sum restaurant opens in Toronto
A vegetarian restaurant called Planta Queen has just opened in Toronto. The food here is inspired by plants in Asia. In here, both people in Toronto and tourists will enjoy unique vegan dishes that were created based on plants.
Male Wellness Is On The Rise
The global wellness industry is developing so fast that it is predicted to be worth $4.2 trillion in the next year. And the rise of the male wellness is much faster than that of the female. Let’s dive into details through the article below.
Provencal Taste - Blugirl Spring Summer 2019 campaign
Rosebuds on light blue cotton muslin pieces convey an easy-breezy summery feel
Reduce stress to work more effectively
At the present age, our lives are quite difficult and chaotic. The pressure of work sometimes makes us feel nervous. We need to reduce stress to work more effectively. There are many methods to help your mind be healthier.