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Do you curious about the latest eyewear trends?
Spring has come, marking the start of a new year. People always visit their friends, families and take part in some festivals. In the article, we mentioned top spring 2019 eyewear trends that you may need to make your appearance more attractive.
The Innovation Of Digital Hair Color Technology By Garnier
Recently, the top beauty brand Garnier has just unveiled its latest Beauty Tech: Digital Hair Color Technology with new shade selector by MODIFACE.
Rita Ora becomes the next singer to collaborate with Giuseppe Zanotti
In January 2019, the fashion world witnesses a fancy designer collaboration between Rita Ora- a popular British singer and Giuseppe Zanotti – a luxury footwear designer. In this article, we will provide some information about this effective collaboration.
Some ayurvedic tips to lose weight
At the present day, the demand for weight loss is more and more increase; it is especially important for women. There are many ayurvedic tips for weight loss that you should try.
10 kinds of food good for skin
At the present age, the selection of food each day is quite important. We tend to choose foods that are good for our health. Especially, skin-friendly foods are of primary concern. Here we mention top foods for skin beauty.
Timeless elegance of the Armani aesthetic
Elegant furnishings and textiles which encapsulate the timeless elegance of the Armani aesthetic, brining it into the home.
The age gaps to build long-lasting relationships
People often say that age does not a matter when choosing your partner, but tend to prejudice couples with wide age gaps. Does age difference have impacts on the longevity of your relationship?
China’s gen Z consumers spend much on luxury goods
China is such a huge market for global brands to develop and luxury ones are not exception. There is a growing number of Chinese consumers for luxury goods which raises several concerns for governments.
Pristine homes in Italy attracts people to live in rural areas
Italy introduced a new policy for building pristine homes in rural areas and selling them cheaply to people. So those who dream of living peacefully in the countryside can immediately realize that dream.